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Pilot Study: Chemotherapy and Cognition

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


To examine whether cancer patients who have recently completed chemotherapy display cognitive impairments as compared to age-matched healthy control participants. Participants will participate in one approximately 2-3 hour study session, which will include questionnaires, cognitive computer tasks and neuropsychology tests.


Cancer, Older Adults





18 - 75 years


Study Population

We are recruiting women ages 18-75 who either 1) are diagnosed with breast cancer and have recently completed chemotherapy treatment or 2) are healthy control participants.


Keely Muscatell
Assistant Professor
Psychology and Neuroscience

For questions, contact:

Emma Armstrong-Carter

Recruitment Period End

February 1, 2021


Primary Location
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Study Qualifications

Gender Female

Age Range 18 - 75 years

Participant qualification(s) Female Proficient in English Not colorblind Ages 18-75 Chemotherapy group: recently completed chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer (within the last 1-12 months). OR Control group: never received a diagnosis of cancer or chemotherapy treatment

Not eligible if: (see above inclusion criteria)

Number of Visits

    » 1 In person visit(s)

    Cognitive testing and questionnaires

    » 0 Remote visit(s)

Participation Period

2-3 hours


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