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M&M Study

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


We are conducting this study to find out: • If it is safe for HIV-infected people to receive injections of two investigational HIV vaccines, called MVAtHIVconsv3 and MVAtHIVconsv4. • If giving participants these vaccine doses will increase their immune system's ability to kill HIV virus.




Drug or Biologic



18 - 65 years


Study Population

HIV-infected men and women between 18 and 60 years of age with viral suppression on ART as measured on standard HIV RNA assays. Eligible participants must have a CD4 cell count ≥ 350 cells/mm3 at screening.


Cindy Gay
Clinical Associate Professor
Medicine-Infectious Diseases

For questions, contact:

JoAnn Kuruc
(919) 445-2772
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Recruitment Period End

March 31, 2020


Primary Location
Clinical & Translational Research Center (CTRC)

Secondary Location
UNC Hospital Apheresis lab

Study Qualifications

Gender Any

Age Range 18 - 65 years

Participant qualification(s) Men and women age 18-65 with HIV-1 infection who are on a stable, continuous ART regimen for at least 3 months and are able to continue ART during the study. Must be able to commit to all study visits and procedures and agree to stay in contact with the study team. Must be able to receive shots in the upper arm and ability to give blood with no problems. Willing to delay a flu shot until 1 month after the first study vaccine. Willing to use strict birth control to prevent pregnancy during study.

Not eligible if: Conditions such as: anemia, syphilis, bleeding disorders, other auto immune disorders, seizures or fainting spells, abnormal or removed spleen, latex or egg allergy, history of severe reaction to vaccines, unstable asthma, chronic skin problems (ex. eczema, psoriasis), hepatitis C treatment within 6 months. Cannot have extensive tattoos on upper arms or have received any HIV or experimental vaccine.

Number of Visits

    » 10 In person visit(s)

    Clinic visits with 2 blood procedures. Option to participate in additional lymph node procedures (completely optional)

    » 2 Remote visit(s)

    Phone calls

Participation Period

Just over 8 months (32.5 weeks)


up to $1325 total for main study visits and procedures. Participants may earn up to $2025 total for completion of main study visits and procedures along with the optional procedures.

By clicking I am interested, your contact information will be sent to the researcher/study coordinator for this study. The coordinator will respond by email with additional information on how to proceed.