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Bacterial Disease Study

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


The purpose of this research study is to learn about the ability of different types germs to cause an infection of gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection that can cause discomfort during urination, urethral discharge, or a drip of pus from the penis. This study will help us to learn about how gonorrhea works inside the body and what about the bacteria makes it infectious. We hope that we can use this knowledge to possibly develop a vaccine against gonorrhea.


Men's Health, Urinary


Drug or Biologic



18 - 35 years


Study Population

Healthy, non-HIV, male volunteers between the ages of 18 and 35.


Marcia Hobbs
Research Professor
Medicine-Infectious Diseases

For questions, contact:

Brittney Soderman
(919) 962-4643
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Recruitment Period End

April 1, 2020


Primary Location
Clinical & Translational Research Center Inpatient Unit (CTRC)

Secondary Location
Clinical & Translational Research Center Outpatient Unit

Study Qualifications

Gender Male

Age Range 18 - 35 years

Participant qualification(s) Generally healthy male between 18-35; no history of sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV); easily able to be contacted via phone; able to stay in the research unit for 6 days in a row (may leave during the day); participants must be willing to avoid ALL sexual activity while in the study (about 3 weeks, until approved by the study doctor).

Not eligible if: History of: STIs, drug abuse, cancer, seizures, abnormal bleeding, heart disease or murmur, diseases of the immune system, psychiatric disorder not controlled by medication, urinary tract abnormality or surgery. You are not able to participate if you have taken antibiotics or steroids in the past 30 days or are currently taking certain medications. The study team can tell you more about which medications are okay to take during the study.

Number of Visits

    » 9 In person visit(s)

    Screening visit, eligibility visit, 6 days in the research unit, follow up visit.

    » 1 Remote visit(s)

    phone call

Participation Period

3 weeks


up to $1100 for completing all study visits. Parking passes are also provided.

By clicking I am interested, your contact information will be sent to the researcher/study coordinator for this study. The coordinator will respond by email with additional information on how to proceed.