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A momentum-enabled treadling methodology to improve gait and enhance mobility in patients with peripheral arterial disease.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


This is a pilot study of a new exercise device (TREDLR) designed to facilitate repetitive ankle flexion/extension movements (i.e., "treadling") through a momentum-driven internal flywheel while seated. The specific goals of this project are to understand the joint and muscle kinematic difference between treadling and conventional exercise, to explore improvements in mobility and exercise capacity in individuals who treadle compared to a control group, and to assess user affect and compliance with the device.


Elderly, Heart/Vascular, Older Adults, Pain





65 - 99 years


Study Population

Adult over the age of 65.


Jason Franz
Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering - Undergraduate

For questions, contact:

Noah Pieper
(919) 445-2331

Recruitment Period End

November 17, 2020


Primary Location
UNC Applied Biomechanics Lab
Mary Ellen Jones Building, Chapel Hill, NC 27599, USA

Study Qualifications

Gender Any

Age Range 65 - 99 years

Participant qualification(s) -Age: 65+ years -Be able to walk without an assistive aid (i.e., walker, cane) -Have the capacity the provide written informed consent -Have previously diagnosed peripheral arterial disease (by self-sport) (PAD group only)

Not eligible if: -Lower extremity injury or fracture within the last 6 months -Have a leg prosthesis -Prisoners -Individuals clearly lacking the capacity to provide informed consent -Vestibular impairment

Number of Visits

    » 4 - 22 In person visit(s)

    2 meetings to give and collect Fitbit device, 2 Laboratory visits, 0-18 Ankle rotation exercise sessions

    » 1 Remote visit(s)

    1 Telephone Screen

Participation Period

6 weeks


$74 or $194 depending on assigned group.

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