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Identification of allergic asthmatics sensitive to cat hair allergen

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


This is a study to identify subjects with LAR to inhaled cat hair allergen for potential participation in subsequent treatment studies.


Allergy, Asthma, Breathing, Lungs


Drug or Biologic



18 - 45 years


Study Population

Healthy adults with mild, intermittent asthma who are also allergic to cat hair.


Michelle Hernandez
Associate Director, Associate Professor, Director
Pediatrics - Allergy Immunology and Rheumatology

For questions, contact:

Martha Almond
(919) 966-0759

Recruitment Period End

December 1, 2022


Primary Location
Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma and Lung Biology
104 Mason Farm Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA
Secondary Location
Burnett-Womack Building, 160 Dental Cir, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA

Study Qualifications

Gender Any

Age Range 18 - 45 years

Participant qualification(s) Mild, intermittent allergic asthma, with a positive skin prick test to cat allergen (done at the screening visit).

Not eligible if: Moderate or severe asthma, or daily use of medications for asthma. Smoking or vaping Pregnancy Significant health problems

Number of Visits

    » 6 In person visit(s)

    There is an initial screening process before this study. The baseline visit (V1) lasts about 3 hours. Visits 2, 3 and 4 must be in a row. V2 lasts 2 hours, V3 lasts up to 13 hours and V4 lasts 3 hours. The final visit, V5, lasts about 30 minutes.

    » 1 Remote visit(s)

    There is a phone follow up after V4, it last about 10 minutes

Participation Period

Two weeks



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