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Affective and Psychophysiological Reactivity to Media Images

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


The purpose of this study is to understand individuals' body and mood responses to various news images. As a research participant, you will view news images on a computer while you wear electrodes that will enable us to record changes in your heart rate. These electrodes are simply stickers attached to wires. You will also be asked to rate your mood while viewing the images. The computer session should take about 45 minutes to complete. Next, you will complete questionnaires on a computer. These questionnaires should take about 45 minutes to complete. You will be compensated $20 for your participation.







18 - 30 years


Study Population

Black adults between the ages of 18 and 30.


Effua Sosoo
Graduate Research Assistant
Psychology and Neuroscience

For questions, contact:

Effua Sosoo
(347) 200-0130

Recruitment Period End

June 30, 2019


Primary Location
Howell Hall Room 009
Howell Hall, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA

Study Qualifications

Gender Any

Age Range 18 - 30 years

Participant qualification(s) Participants must identify as Black/African American and be between the ages of 18 and 30

Not eligible if: Any major medical conditions: 1) current diagnosis of any chronic, cardiovascular, auto-immune, renal, or other somatic illness (e.g., arrhythmia [irregular heartbeat], hypertension, hypotension, kidney disease, heart conditions); 2) medication or device that alters cardiovascular function (e.g., pacemaker); 3) any medication that is not over-the-counter and short-term, excluding birth control (e.g., blood pressure medications, anti-depressants, psychoactive medications, cardiac altering prescriptions [i.e., beta blockers] pace makers); 4) completed another study on Amazon Mechanical Turk Responses to Media Images (IRB# 18-0865)

Number of Visits

    » 1 In person visit(s)

    Will come into the laboratory to view the images and complete questionnaires

    » 1 Remote visit(s)

    One 10-minute phone screen to determine eligibility and schedule an in-person visit

Participation Period

100 minutes


$20 Cash

By clicking I am interested, your contact information will be sent to the researcher/study coordinator for this study. The coordinator will respond by email with additional information on how to proceed.