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UNC Girls Health Study

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


The UNC Girls Health Study is designed to explore how girls adapt to the many new challenges of adolescence. We are interested in understanding how girls' friendships, family relationships, health risk behaviors, and emotional and physical reactions may be related to their future development. Your participation will help us learn more about the connection between adolescents' mental and physical health.


Behavior, Mental Health, Pediatrics, Teens





9 - 14 years


Study Population

The study includes 250 adolescent girls and 250 parents, for a total of 500 participants. Our grant includes funding for 200 adolescent participants. We are requesting permission for up to 250 to allow for pilot participants and participants with incomplete data. These 250 adolescent girls (aged 9-14) will be recruited from UNC Hospitals, Wake Forest Hospital, Moses Cone (UNC-G) Hospital, and several local outpatient treatment providers. All adolescents will be accompanied by a parent, who also will participate in the study.


Mitchell Prinstein
Distinguished Professor, Director
Psychology and Neuroscience

For questions, contact:

Andrea Wiglesworth
(919) 966-7405
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Recruitment Period End

July 31, 2019


Primary Location
Finley Clinic
212 Finley Golf Course Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27517, USA

Study Qualifications

Gender Female

Age Range 9 - 14 years

Participant qualification(s) Having a history of sad mood or life stress.

Not eligible if: Learning disabilities or cognitive delay. Diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder, Asperger's syndrome, or any other pervasive developmental disorder. Diabetes.

Number of Visits

    » 1 In person visit(s)

    Questions on the computer, computer games, interviews, role-play task

    » 5 Remote visit(s)

    Answering questions over the phone

Participation Period

1 year


$410 in gift cards

By clicking I am interested, your contact information will be sent to the researcher/study coordinator for this study. The coordinator will respond by email with additional information on how to proceed.