Research For Me logo

In the new year, Join the Conquest will become Research For Me @UNC

Why are we changing the name?

The missions of UNC and UNC Health Care are to serve the people of North Carolina. Research is one way that we do that and we are proud to partner with our citizens to learn together and make a difference. This site is a front door to learn about the full variety of UNC research studies underway across the state! We do this work with you and for you, your loved ones, and your community. Research for Me @UNC is your starting point to find and get involved in a study that is meaningful to you.

What will stay the same?

  • If you are registered, your user name and password will stay the same
  • We will still have lots of information about what research is and how it works, so that you know what to expect
  • You will still be able to search for studies and express interest in participating

What will change?

Over the next year you can expect to see updates such as:

  • Easier ways to find information about studies
  • How the research at UNC is making a difference in NC communities
  • Customized experience that will highlight the research most important to you
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date and share
  • Provide feedback on your experiences
  • Opportunities to share research ideas that could benefit your community
  • Opportunities for organizations to learn how to do their own research

THANK YOU! We look forward to making a difference with your help.